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Tara & Christen

Tara and Christen.

Total Care - All-Breed Grooming and Boarding

From hand-stripping and precision show grooming to the ultimate in pet grooming, the talented staff at Goodspice Kennel can do it all. Attention to detail is the hallmark of grooming at Goodspice. Each member of the grooming staff has been personally taught by the kennel’s founder, Margery Good. Margery is a professional all-breed handler and master groomer who is also considered one of the country’s leading authorities on terrier grooming. Whether it’s the detailed grooming for the show dogs or clipper cuts for the pets, at Goodspice, they groom every dog to look like a winner.

Welcome to "Camp Goodspice"

Located among the Amish diary farms in rural Chester County, Goodspice Kennel features a casual, homey atmosphere that is entirely centered around the lives and needs of dogs.

The heart of Goodspice Kennel is a 30 run boarding kennel that has been home to some of the country’s top show dogs. Generations of show dogs have been born at Goodspice and handled by Margery Good. Often, these dogs have continued to return for boarding & grooming even after they have retired from the show ring. At Goodspice, each dog is treated like family.

Mako-stripped head

The art of hand-stripping as seen on the Airedale CH Top Step Flash Act (Mako) during the Montgomery County Kennel Club show. Photo by Chris Halvorson.

Terriers are a specialty
Margery Good and the staff at Goodspice specialize in the proper show grooming for terriers. Hand-stripping is available for dogs that are currently being shown. Since this is a very labor intensive procedure that takes several hours, it is necessary to book the appointments several weeks in advance. A maintenance schedule for a terrier’s show coat will be set up to properly develop the coat for any up coming shows.

The staff at Goodspice is also expert in grooming all breeds for the show ring. Please call ahead or e-mail to discuss any special needs or concerns.

Pet Grooming is important, too!

Even if the special dog in your life will never set in the show ring, you still want it to look its best. That’s where the artistry of the grooming staff makes the difference. The job of the groomers at Goodspice is to creatively customize each trim to best suit each pet. They are certainly up to the challenge! With all their experience and skill, they can be trusted to groom your pet the right way. Please ask the staff how you can best prepare your pet for its grooming appointment. Due to the high demand for their services, the Goodspice groomers don’t have the time to de-mat your pet. Any mats will be cut out and then the pet will be styled accordingly. All pets are bathed before the make-over begins!

Left to right: Examples of Sealyham pet grooming, Camry, and show grooming, Merci.


Each run is approximately 4’ x 16’ with 8’ walls and access to the outdoors. Feeding times are both AM & PM. The entire kennel area is cleaned twice a day and power washed each PM. The kennel manager and her family live on the premises.

General boarding rates are $18 per day for pets under 30 lbs. and $20 per day for pets over 30 lbs. Proof of vaccinations, including rabies, and proof of license must be presented.

Goodspice Kennel, LLC
2027 Limestone Road
Cochranville, PA 19330
Please call: (610) 593-6110

Boarding Drop-off & Pick-up hours:
Monday - Friday: 9 - 11 AM, 4 - 5 PM
Saturday: 9 - 10 AM
Sunday: 5 - 6 PM

• Grooming by Appointment ONLY



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