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All-Breed Handling

BIS % EukanubaMargery with CH Top Step Flash Act - aka Mako - at the Westminster Kennel Club Show. Photo by Chris Halvorson.

Margery Good - Professional Handler

With 40 years of experience, Margery Good knows how to present each dog at its best. An all-breed handler, who specializes in the terrier breeds, Margery is an established winner who has risen to the top of her profession. She has won Best in Show at the most prestigious dog shows in the world - the 2009 Crufts Dog Show in the U.K., the 2008 Montgomery County Kennel Club Show and the 2007 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship to name a few. She exhibits in about 150 shows a year.

ValleyValley - CH Efbe's Goodspice Easy Money - shows her stunning reach and drive. Photo by Caitlyn Moran.

Handling rates are $90 per show (expenses are pro-rated among clients per weekend), $10 boarding per day plus $30 for pre-show grooming. Costs also include entry fees plus a processing fee. Special rates apply for Westminster, Montgomery weekend and for National Specilaties. Billing is done monthly. After 30 days, unpaid balances are charged an interest rate of 1.5%.

For more information about handling and handling rates, please contact Margery or the Goodspice staff.

Please call: (610) 593-6110

ChewwyMargie with Chewwy the Scottie

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2009 Crufts Terrier Group winner.


Margie handles Charmin to victory in March 2007.



Charmin won Best Dog in the 2008 Scandinavian Sealyhamterrier Society Specialty. He was described as "Participator No. 12 - An overall excellent dog... perfection in grooming and handling." judge Mr. Robert Paust, Sweden.



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